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Reclaim youthful contour with a deep neck lift

At Dr. Saman’s esteemed practice, we specialize in the innovative Deep Neck Lift procedure in NYC, an advanced surgical approach aimed at addressing multiple concerns related to your neck, jawline, and appearance. By focusing on the deeper layers of the neck and pairing it with deep plane facelifts, we are capable of achieving results that redefine the concept of facial rejuvenation. Time will no longer dictate the state of your appearance as our treatments offer transformative, long-lasting results.

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What exactly is a deep neck lift?

The Deep Neck Lift is more than just a treatment; it is a comprehensive approach that targets saggy neck structures, loose muscles, enlarged glands, and excess fat deposits, often referred to as a ‘double chin.’ This advanced procedure works at a deeper level than other treatments such as Kybella or chin liposuction. Our highly skilled facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Saman, aims to give you a refined neck and jawline appearance by focusing on the deeper layers, including connective tissue and the platysma muscle.

Unveiling the deep neck lift procedure

The deep neck lift procedure commences with a meticulously planned incision, strategically placed under the chin to remain discreet. Unlike Neck Liposuction, which primarily removes fatty deposits, this process focuses on a holistic recontouring of the neck. Dr. Saman addresses the digastric muscles, fat layers, and platysma to create a seamless, elegant jawline. The goal is a comprehensive treatment that promises natural results, with recovery time kept to an absolute minimum. If indicated, liposuction will also be done at the same time. 

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The multifaceted benefits of a deep neck lift treatment

  • Advanced Muscle and Tissue Manipulation: One of the significant advantages of a Deep Neck Lift over traditional neck lifts is the intricate focus on the platysma muscle and the deeper layers of connective tissue. This advanced approach allows for more precise control over the facial appearance, targeting not just excess skin but also manipulating the neck muscles for a well-rounded aesthetic effect. This includes the digastric muscles, which play a role in neck contouring. The ultimate aim is to provide a natural, long-lasting result that stands the test of time.
  • Focused Fat Removal: The surgical skills of Dr. Saman are particularly evident in the process of selectively removing deep fat deposits in the neck and chin areas, a frequent concern among neck lift patients. Unlike Neck Liposuction, which can sometimes only provide superficial changes, a Deep Neck Lift delves into the deep muscle layers to remove fat effectively. This technique results in a finely contoured neck that eliminates the issue of a weak chin, often enhancing the outcome of other neck procedures.
  • Customization to Meet Cosmetic Goals: During your private consultation, Dr. Saman invests time in understanding your cosmetic goals, assessing how to best sculpt your chin and neck to match your desired look. For patients who may also suffer from a heavy neck contour or a weak chin, an additional chin implant can be considered. This is a tailor-made approach that ensures surgical incisions and other interventions serve a meaningful role in achieving the look you’ve envisioned.
Tailored deep neck lift solutions: your NYC consultation awaits

Who is the ideal candidate for a deep neck lift surgery?

In assessing your suitability for a Deep Neck Lift, a private consultation with Dr. Saman will be your first step. This in-depth meeting serves not just to evaluate various factors such as your age and medical history, but also to understand your specific cosmetic and aesthetic goals. Many candidates express concerns about heavy necks or a lack of definition in their jawline.

  • Age and Skin Laxity: Ideal candidates are often within a particular age range where the skin’s natural elasticity and fibrous tissues are intact. However, age is not the sole determinant; each case is evaluated on an individual basis. Sometimes we need to address the skin with Surgical or nonsurgical modalities.
  • Medical History and Concerns: A comprehensive review of your medical history is crucial. This includes any previous cosmetic surgeries or facial techniques you may have undergone to ensure there are no medical concerns that could affect the surgery’s safety or effectiveness.
  • Chin and Jawline Concerns: Those who are also looking to enhance their lower facial features may find the option of combining a chin implant with a deep neck lift to be beneficial for more holistic results.
  • Heavy Necks and Excess Skin: Candidates who describe their necks as “heavy” due to excess tissue/fat can particularly benefit from this surgical procedure. If skin laxity is present, additional treatments may be needed.
  • Daily Activities and Lifestyle: Ideal candidates are those who have the ability to take some time off from their regular activities for recovery. Planning for a gradual return to your normal routine post-surgery will be part of the pre-surgical discussion.
  • Droopy Muscles and Excess Fat: This procedure isn’t just for addressing extra skin; it’s also highly effective for treating droopy muscles and fat deposits in the neck area, offering a well-rounded solution for multiple concerns.

By meticulously considering these aspects, Dr. Saman aims to provide a surgical option that closely aligns with your cosmetic and aesthetic goals. The consultation is a critical step in ensuring that the deep neck lift procedure will be tailored to meet your specific needs effectively.

Comprehensive deep neck lift consultation

The initial consultation is your opportunity to discuss specific anatomical needs, health concerns, and aesthetic goals. Dr. Saman will review your medical history, current medications, and overall physical health to create a customized treatment plan for a rejuvenated and youthful appearance.

Deep neck lift NYC

Understanding the risks of Deep Neck Lift surgery: A brief overview

Risks to underlying structures

The deep neck lift targets deeper tissues and muscles in the head and neck area. While our facial plastic surgeon employs a signature deep, invasive approach to offer lasting results (#SAMANNECK), it’s vital to know the risks of damaging these underlying structures.

Unintended fat and tissue removal

The procedure often addresses the appearance of jowls and removes unwanted fatty deposits. However, there’s a risk of unintended removal of fat or tissue, which could lead to aesthetic concerns like asymmetry.

Medication and recovery concerns

Post-surgery, anti-inflammatory medication is typically prescribed, but it’s crucial to avoid blood-thinning medications that could complicate the healing process.

Being well-informed about these risks will allow you to make an educated decision regarding this transformative but complex surgical procedure.

Deep Neck Lift recovery process

After the surgical procedure, expect some swelling and lines in the neck area, which is entirely normal. Over-the-counter medications can manage any discomfort, and Dr. Saman may prescribe specific medications for your care. Within a week, the benefits for patients become increasingly visible as the neck skin tightens and vertical lines fade away.

Investment for lasting youth: Deep neck lift cost in NYC

For this transformative experience, patients will pay $24,000. While the day after surgery may come with a higher financial commitment than other neck surgeries, the results are long-lasting and deliver on the promise of a youthful appearance and refined neck contour.

Meet Dr. Saman, your expert professional surgeon

Following his training in the US and the completion of numerous facial rejuvenation surgeries, Dr. Saman chose to take additional training at the Plastic Surgery Academy in Rome, Italy. The analysis of techniques such as mini facelift, neck lift, fox eye and brow lifting were assessed under master facelift surgeon Dr. Michele Pascali. In addition, eyelid rejuvenation was also developed during this period.

Dr. Saman has extensive experience in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, making him a great choice for those looking to have a mini face lift done in New York City. He understands how neck skin can affect an overall look, and he uses medical clearance to ensure that his patients are healthy enough for the procedure before beginning any kind of invasive surgery.

Let's talk about #SamanNeck


What is it?

28 year old female bothered by her submental fat and neck contour, and unable to get rid of it despite strict diets, weight loss and exercise. 🏋️

Patient previous tried multiple rounds of #Kybella without noticeable results. The only thing she noticed was significant swelling and pain! 😐

I performed her #SamanNeck and here is a 60-second video of the before and after. Despite the BS angles on social media by some, I always try to bring all angles so you have a true and realistic view.

Video of Dr. Masoud Saman performing a rhinoplasty and deep neck lift surgery for a patient.

What sets a deep neck lift apart from other types of neck lifts?

A Deep Neck Lift focuses on both superficial and deeper tissues, effectively addressing issues like double chin and fullness, submandibular glands, and neck muscles. Unlike other types of neck lifts, it offers comprehensive neck improvement by treating deeper structures as well. Cosmetic surgery, especially facial plastic surgery, has various approaches, but a Deep Neck Lift is one of the most advanced cosmetic procedures available.

What other cosmetic procedures can be combined with a deep neck lift in NYC?

A Deep Neck Lift can be combined with other cosmetic procedures, such as a deep plane neck lift or direct neck lift, for holistic facial rejuvenation. Consult with Dr. Saman, a seasoned neck plastic surgeon in NYC, to determine the best approach for you.

How does the deep neck lift address the buildup of neck fat?

The Deep Neck Lift effectively reduces the buildup of neck fat by targeting both superficial and deeper layers. This allows for a more sculpted appearance while refining the contour of the neck muscles and submandibular glands.

How painful is a deep neck lift?

The Deep Neck Lift is generally performed under anesthesia, so you shouldn’t feel pain during the procedure itself. Post-operative discomfort is typical but manageable with prescribed pain medication. The initial two sentences provide a succinct answer, but it’s worth mentioning that the level of discomfort can vary among individuals and is often dependent on the extent of work done on the neck muscles and deeper tissues.

Is a neck lift better than neck tightening?

A neck lift, particularly a Deep Neck Lift, offers more comprehensive and longer-lasting results compared to non-surgical neck tightening methods. While neck tightening treatments like lasers and ultrasound can improve the appearance of your skin to some extent, they don’t address deeper structures such as neck muscles as effectively as a surgical approach. This makes a neck lift generally more effective for those looking for significant neck improvement.

What is the best age for a neck lift?

There’s no “best age” for a neck lift, as the ideal timing depends on individual factors like skin elasticity, general health, and the presence of excess neck skin or saggy neck muscles. However, many people opt for this type of cosmetic surgery in their 40s to 60s when signs of aging become more prominent. Your neck plastic surgeon can provide a thorough evaluation to determine if you’re a suitable candidate.

What is the longevity of a neck lift?

The results of a neck lift, especially a Deep Neck Lift, can last for many years, often up to a decade or more, depending on factors like skin quality, age, and lifestyle. Proper ongoing skin care, avoiding excessive sun exposure, and maintaining a stable weight can all contribute to the longevity of your neck lift. However, no cosmetic procedures can permanently halt the natural aging process.