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Dr. Saman is considered one of the most highly sought-after NYC scarless and revision what time is it Play how old tell merhinoplasty, and facial aesthetic surgeons. His combined training in the most prestigious institutions in  United States and with top pioneers in Europe allow him to provide the highest American standards of safety while obtaining stylish and elegant aesthetics of Europe.
His signature Turkish rhinoplasty technique has patients including celebrities from the US and globally coming in for consultation and surgery. Dr. Saman is an internationally recognized innovator, artist, rhinoplasty, and double board-certified facial plastic surgeon with practices in New York City and Dallas. He is frequently an invited speaker and panelist in the most advanced facial aesthetic surgery symposia worldwide. Dr. Saman brings a level of attention to detail, expertise, and elegant aesthetics that is a cut above.

Dr. Saman is one of a handful of US surgeons who is a full member of both the American and the European Academies of Facial Plastic Surgery


"The Turkish rhinoplasty style highly aligns with my aesthetics. This is why after completing my facial plastic surgery training, I travelled to Turkey to undergo additional training in Istanbul. I am proud to be of the few surgeons in the United States who performs scarless preservation rhinoplasty with this type of aesthetic."

Dr. Saman






Turkish-style rhinoplasty with preservation and structural techniques with no bone breaking, no internal splints, and quick recovery with elegant and beautiful results.

*Pricing for revisionary surgery requires consultation.



With a small well-hidden incision hidden under the chin, #SamanNeck is the only way to truly recontour the neck to be sharp and chiseled once and for all, with MINIMAL downtime.



We have different types of facelifting technique and approach for different levels of aging and facial anatomy. But whether you’re a cadidate for our extended deep plane facelift or our mini-facelift, you are sure to love your results.



Lip enhancement is an art. Too often, patients are treated with lip fillers. But there is so much more to creating pleasing contours that just filling them.

Lip Lift: $6500

Lip Implant: $3400 per lip


This treatment is perfect for individuals who have a rounded face with full cheeks and would like more chiseled and contoured facial shape. Correct judgement and a modified technique allows for removal without hollwoing and an aged look.

$6500 (solo procedure, under local anesthesia)

$5000 when as add-on to rhinoplasty or deep neck lift


Eyelid surgery to make you not look tired anymore!  Blepharoplasty allows for removal of the excess skin, remodling of the fat/eye bags, and true rejuvenation of the eyes and periorbital area.

Upper Blepharoplasty $8500


Dr. Saman’s signature temporal brow lift allow for true rejuvenation of the perioribtal area and recontouring/reshaping of the tail of the brow in a fashion that is beautiful and longlasting. This is one of our favorite procedures and is often combined with a facelift or rhinoplasty.



Great way to replenish lost volume in a way long lasting way. Can be done in most regions of the face!

Fee varies based on vol/location


The chin plays a huge role in the contour and balance of your side profile. We have several options (surgical and nonsurgical) to choose from including chin implants, fat transfer, or even simple injections of fillers.

Fat grafting to chin: $6500

Chin implant: $5800


Dr. Saman is considered one of the most highly sought-after NYC rhinoplasty and facial aesthetic surgeons. He is an internationally recognized innovator, artist, rhinoplasty, and double board certified facial plastic surgeon with practices in New York City and Dallas. Dr. Saman brings a level of attention to detail, expertise, and elegant aesthetics that is a cut above. 

Dr. Saman is amongst only a handful of surgeon in the United States who is specialist and educator in minimally-invasive Preservation Rhinoplasty. Learn More.


With equal parts medicine and beaux arts, NYC Facial Plastic and Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Dr. Saman sets out to assess and understand the textures, contours, lights and shadows and the finesses of your aesthetics to provide you with the most modern and outstanding surgical or nonsurgical rhinoplasty and facial aesthetic outcomes. Here we do not just provide “cosmetic treatments.” We create an aesthetic experience like no other.  



After years of delivering exquisite cosmetic results in New York City and Dallas, In part due to the high volume of our international patients traveling in, Dr. Saman has decided to bring his artistry back to Manhattan. Dr. Saman’s approach is centered around minimally-invasive treatments that deliver remarkable bespoke results with rapid recovery, and little downtime and discomfort. 



Dr. Saman is one of the earliest adopters of preservation rhinoplasty in the United States and is an international expert and educator on the topic. 


Dr. Saman teaches his scarless rhinoplasty and deep neck lift technique and artistic philosophy through lectures worldwide and by training fellows locally 



NYC facial plastic surgeon Dr. Saman gives back by providing pro bono medical care for children in medically underprivileged areas



Dr. Saman has authored many peer reviewed articles, presentations and book chapters in scarless rhinoplasty, nonsurgical rhinoplasty, facelift and other topics in facial plastic surgery



Dr. Saman is one of a handful of surgeons worldwide with double board certification and dual fellowship training in both facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as head and neck oncological and microvascular surgery.



Dr. Saman is the go-to revision rhinoplasty specialists for patients from all over the world to correct deformities left by their previous surgeri(es).


Aside from sculpting gorgeous results for his patients, Dr. Saman runs an advanced fellowship training program for visiting plastic surgeon from all over the world.


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