#SamanNeck is not just another empty promise, or a magical injection, supposed to seamlessly melt away the fat or a technology that is falsely promised to somehow know how to  chisel your jawline all by itself. #SamanNeck is my adaptation of various necklifting techniques that truly addresses the issue at hand and once and for all gets rid of that double neck.

#SamanNeck is beyond just tightening the skin, freezing the fat or even liposuction. It embodies 7 procedures in one to truly reshaped and restructure the neck tissues all though a tiny incision hidden under the chin. And you can return to work in a week unless you’re a heavy weight lifter.



Best candidates would have good skin elasticity as #SamanNeck alone does not remove excess skin. If excess skin is needed to be removed, a traditional necklift/lower facelift may be indicated. In mild cases, in-office skin tightening procedures such as Facetite radiofrequency may be supplemented for best results. Best candidates for #SamanNeck are between the ages of 18 to 40. Beyond that, skin tightening may be indicated.

Neck Muscles

Neck muscles can only be reshaped surgically. Their shape and volume determine the contour of our necks. In some, the neck muscle runs straight from the chin to the chest, creating a poor neck angle. In these cases, the neck muscles are recontoured to create close to a 90 degree angle for a chiseled neck line. In addition, if the muscles are bulky, they may be safely thinned for better neck aesthetics.

Superficial Fat Layer

The layer of fat that is immediately underneath the skin and is “pinchable” is the the superfical layer fat of the neck. It is usually the SMALL PLAYER in neck fat, with the Deep Fat Pocket playing a more major role (see below.)

The Superficial Fat Layer is the layer most commonly targeted by treatments such as liposuction, Kybella, Thermage, Ultherapy and others. This later provides a cushion underneath the skin that gives the neck its youthful suppleness and for this reason, I prefer minimal resection of this fat layer. The real results come from the deep fat removal.

Deep Fat Pocket

The Deep Fat Layer is located underneath the muscle and cannot be accessed by injectabled such as Kybella, or other technologies such as CoolSculpting, Thermage, etc. This fat layer must be carefully removed by an experienced surgeon under direct vision. Dr. Saman’s vast experience in head and neck surgery makes him highly qualified for the effective and safe removal of this tissue.

Access Incision

#SamanNeck procedure is performed through a small incision well hidden under the chin that heals into a pencil-thin line and is imperceptible. The recovery is rapid and comfortable, with about 48 hours of downtime and usually patients are socially presentable in a week.

#SamanNeck is a cut above.

A True Anatomic Neck Reshaping Procedure

Having a strong jawline and neck contour signals confidence and strength. Many of us are bothered by the shape of our neck and underchin areas. I see this so commonly. Men tend to hide the area by shaving their beards right at the jawline to create a mark of delineation to take attention away from the neck fullness. Women do the same thing with the use of make up contouring. Other tricks we use are to stick out our necks, have our tongues touch the roof of our mouths, or turn out heads to present our “better side profile.”

Although weight fluctuations do have an effect on the overall size of our double necks, the overall shape of our necks is dependent upon a number of anatomic factors beyond just fatty tissue. The fatty tissue in the neck area is actually quite stubborn, and very resistant to diet and exercise.

Overall the past several years, the aesthetic market has responded to the increasing demand for neck contouring by rolling out “minimally-invasive treatments” to “dissolve the fat.” These include painful injections that cause bullfrog-like swelling and stinging, heat-based technologies that can results in burns and irregularities, and more. Needless to say, these treatments do little beyond wasting hard-earned money and valuable time of most patients.


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