WHAT IS #samannose?

#SamanNose is not just another name for rhinoplasty. #SamanNose is my careful curation of best practices and personal style and aesthetics in rhinoplasty that allows for outstanding outcomes in my hands. #SamanNose is an experience, from the moment you contact us for a consultation to the time that your new nose has healed and looks gorgeous!



Dr. Saman is a rhinoplasty superspecialist with years of experience and outstanding accolades. Dr. Saman is active in teaching his rhinoplasty technique to visiting surgeons from around the globe.


#SamanNose is never too upturned, never too shortened, and never too scooped. #SamanNose does not turn up the tip so much as to make the nostrils visible or create a “Whoville” look. #Saman is elegant and beautiful.

Technique & Technology

By using the most modern techniques and technologies in rhinoplasty such as the use of Piezotome for ultrasonic rhinoplasty in NYC, Dr. Saman is able to achieve results that are a cut above.

Comfort and Recovery

With Dr. Saman’s gentle approach and minimal dissections, our patients have very little postoperative discomfort or bruising. We don’t break the bones, and we don’t put internal splints either, so your recovery is much easier than the traditional rhinoplasty.

#SamanNose Summary

  • Aesthetics toward a strong and proportionate nose
  • Has a slight slope but isn’t scooped
  • Has an elegant and lifted tip but not too upturned like Whoville
  • Is scarless whenever possible (~75% of times)
  • Does not have internal packing so you can breathe through the nose easily
  • Uses newest techniques that result in beautiful and stable results
  • Uses powerful innovations so the tip never falls
  • Uses precision and ultrasonic instruments instead of old school chisels and rasps! So no more huge bruises and prolonged swelling
  • Gentle technique which means no need for narcotic pain meds… Just maybe Tylenol, if that.
  • Minimal bruising and swelling thanks to minimally invasive technique
  • Customizable for the individual patient
  • Super quick recovery

An Ultimate Experience

#SamanNose is not just another rhinoplasty in NYC. It is my vision of the ultimate experience in #rhinoplastyjourney from the beginning to the end.

#SamanNose is the name that not only embodies the ever-evolving type and style of rhinoplasty that I like and do, but also reflects my careful curation of the best of the best practices in all steps of the rhinoplasty experience to produce gorgeous results and improved breathing, while minimizing downtime, discomfort, and anatomic distortion.

Since my practice is dedicated to rhinoplasty, ie I do not perform body surgery such as breast augmentations, mommy makeovers, etc, I really get to hone in on the most advanced nuances of nasal surgery. This allows me to level up, and optimize every step, which makes the difference between “very good” and “excellent.”

Rhinoplasty is the surgery. #SamanNose is the whole experience. It’s a matter of style. And a little magic.



I grew up with rhinoplasty in my blood. In the Turkish and Iranian cultures, the nose plays a very important role and rhinoplasty finds its way into almost every conversation. I grew up surrounded by friends and family members considering, undergoing, and recovering from rhinoplasty. I remember in facial plastic surgery training, I used to find it amusing that many of my cohorts had to use a caliper, golden ratios, etc to evaluate a nose’s proportions. For me, it was always just natural. I just new what kind of noses I liked, and just as importantly what I didn’t like.

Although there are many details to list, my main two no-no’s on rhinoplasty are:

1) Overly upturned nose: I find this not at all aesthetic. Lifting the tip is one thing, but upturning it is a whole another thing. It creates a Whoville look that does not suit most faces. I believe a nose should have a distinct tip that is lifted, but not too upturned.

2) Overly sloped bridge: This is another no-no for me. An overly resected bridge, creates an infanatile look that is neither attractive nor elegant. I prefer a slight slope leading to a diamond-shaped tip with a subtle and elegant supratip break.

Consultation and Customization

The consultation process is very important. Every patient’s anatomy is different: strength and length of the cartilages and nasal bones, thickness of skin, etc. In addition, every patient has different look they’re going for. During the consultation, my goal is to really get into my patient’s head; understand their likes and dislikes, understand their anatomy, and their goals. We can then customize our plan. And although the image in our heads can never be exactly duplicated, I’d like to know that I am on the same page with my patient and we can try and make a nose as close to that image as possible.

Preoperative Care

In rhinoplasty, as with any surgery, we cannot control every aspect of the healing process. However, in order to maximize our results, whatever we can control, we should. This is especially important in nasal surgery where millimeters make miles of difference between a “good” outcome and an “excellent” one.

Surgical Details

#SamanNose is a curation of the best practices in rhinoplasty.  I have travelled the world and learned from some of the most renowned masters in rhinoplasty internationally in my quest toward perfecting this art and science. #SamanNose is the amalgamation of what I liked best from the various techniques, styles, and technologies in rhinoplasty. There is not rhinoplasty quite like it since it is a hybrid model created by myself.