Buccal Fat Removal NYC

Define your cheekbones with buccal fat reduction surgery in New York

Buccal Fat Removal is a surgical procedure whereby the pouch of fatty tissue contributing to cheek fullness is removed through tiny incisions inside the mouth. This procedure is often combined with rhinoplasty, or can be done by itself in the office with mild sedation and local anesthesia.

What is buccal fat removal?

Buccal fat removal, also known as buccal lipectomy or buccal fat pad reduction, is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to reduce facial fullness by removing the buccal fat pads located in the cheeks. This surgical plan aims to sculpt a more refined facial contour, targeting the cheek hollows to achieve a slimmer facial profile. Performed by board-certified plastic surgeons, this procedure enhances facial proportions through a minimally invasive approach that involves small incisions inside the mouth where dissolvable sutures are used, ensuring no visible scarring.

Buccal fat reduction, a safe way to define your face.

Buccal fat reduction is recognized as one of the safe procedures to define facial contours. This treatment involves precise buccal fat excision using techniques that minimize risk to facial nerves and require minimal downtime. The procedure is usually completed within an hour under local anesthesia, making it a popular choice among patients seeking effective facial contouring without the need for more invasive procedures like facial liposuction or neck surgery.

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What are the benefits of buccal fat reduction?

Buccal fat removal can provide a number of benefits to individuals who have overly full cheeks. Some of the main benefits include:

A more chiseled and defined cheek appearance:

Buccal fat reduction effectively enhances the cheek hollows, delivering a chiseled and defined appearance. This procedure adjusts the facial proportion, offering a sculpted look that many patients desire.

Improved facial symmetry:

Improving facial symmetry is a key benefit of buccal fat removal. This procedure helps achieve a balanced facial profile by removing excess fat pads evenly from both sides of the face, enhancing overall facial harmony.

Enhanced self-confidence:

Undergoing buccal fat reduction can significantly boost a patient’s self-esteem. Aligning one’s physical appearance with personal aesthetic goals can lead to increased confidence and satisfaction with one’s look.

A non-invasive alternative to cheek implants:

Buccal fat removal is a less invasive alternative to cheek implants, providing facial contouring through the removal of natural tissue rather than the addition of synthetic implants. This can be a preferable option for patients looking for a natural result with absorbable sutures and minimal surgical risk.

Minimal recovery time:

One of the significant advantages of buccal fat removal is its minimal recovery time. Patients can often resume normal activities shortly after the procedure, with only mild discomfort that can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication, making it an ideal option for those with busy schedules or those who prefer a procedure with minimal downtime.

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Dr. Saman - Plastic surgeon in NYC

Dr. Saman is a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a specific clinical focus on buccal fat removal and facial rejuvenation surgery. He is among a select group of surgeons in the United States who have received fellowship training in both head and neck oncologic surgery and facial plastic surgery. Prior to returning to New York City, Dr. Saman served as the Medical Director of Head and Neck Oncologic and Reconstructive Surgery in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Saman’s extensive experience as an ear, nose, and throat surgeon, combined with his specialized training in facial aesthetics and buccal fat removal from renowned clinics across the world (USA, France, Turkey, and Spain), sets him apart from other surgeons in his field.

Buccal fat removal New York – Learn about bichectomy

If you have any questions about buccal fat removal in New York, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to assist you and explain the bichectomy procedure to you.

Are buccal fat removal treatments safe?

Here Dr. Saman discusses some of the important must-know facts about bichectomy or buccal fat removal.

Get rid of chubby cheeks with a bichectomy procedure

Buccal fat reduction NYC

About the Procedure

The walnut-sized pouches of fat in the cheeks, called buccal fat, are usually genetic and do not respond to diet and exercise. Buccal fat removal is a safe and effective method of contouring the cheeks and usually takes about 20 minutes to perform.


Buccal fat removal (or bichectomy), can safely and comfortably be performed under local anesthesia, similar to a dental procedure. Incisions are tiny and placed inside the mouth. If combined with other surgeries, then it may be performed in the operating room under general anesthesia.

Downtime and Recovery

There is no real “downtime” per se with buccal fat removal. After surgery you may feel a bit sore which resolves within a few days. The first day we recommend a liquid diet, but after that you can resume your regular diet. There may be some swelling which generally resolves in a few days as well.

Aesthetic Effect

The aesthetic effect of buccal fat removal is to contour the midface but creating a slight hollow just underneath the cheek bones, giving a contoured and elegant contour to the face.

Long-term Outcomes

Once buccal fat pads are removed, they do not return, and the results are permanent. This procedure is ideal with patients with “chubby cheeks” or cheek fullness.

Other Considerations

It is important that you have this procedure performed by a surgeon who is an expert in facial anatomy and aesthetics. Improper or excessive removal of the buccal fat pads can result in unwanted hollowing and an “aged” look. It is imperative that your surgeon removes just the right amount for best results.

Who are the best candidates for buccal fat removal surgery?

The best candidates for buccal fat removal are individuals who have excess fat in the cheeks, which gives them a chubby or round appearance. Ideal candidates are typically healthy, non-smokers, and have realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure. Good candidates for a buccal fat reduction surgery have the following characteristics:

  • Excess Cheek Fat: Ideal candidates for buccal fat removal have excess fat in the cheeks, contributing to a chubby or rounded facial appearance.
  • Health Status: Candidates should be healthy and non-smokers.
  • Realistic Expectations: It is important for candidates to have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the procedure.
  • Ideal Body Weight: Good candidates should be at or near their ideal body weight.
  • Skin Elasticity: Having good skin elasticity is beneficial for optimal results from buccal fat removal.

How much does a buccal fat removal procedure cost in NYC?

The average cost of Buccal Fat Removal varies based on various factors, including the location of the procedure, the surgeon’s fees, and the type of procedure performed. On average, Buccal Fat Removal in New York can cost between $2,500 – $5,000.

What are buccal fat pads?

Buccal fat pads are clusters of encapsulated fat located in the cheeks under the cheekbones, influencing the fullness and contour of the face. Each person has varying sizes of buccal fat pads, which can significantly affect their facial appearance. The presence of these pads is what often gives individuals their characteristic chubby cheeks or chipmunk cheeks.

Where are the incisions made ro remove buccal fat pads?

The incisions for buccal fat pad removal are strategically placed inside the mouth, near the second upper molar. This surgical technique ensures that the procedure leaves no visible scars on the facial area. Through this incision, surgeons carefully access and perform the fat pad removal surgery.

How long is the procedure time for buccal fat removal?

The buccal fat removal procedure is an efficient surgical technique that generally takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete. This outpatient procedure is carried out under anesthesia, making it a quick visit to the plastic surgery clinic for most patients seeking cheek reduction.

Is cheek reduction surgery a painful procedure for patients?

Cheek reduction surgery, or buccal fat removal surgery, typically involves minimal pain due to the local anesthesia used during the procedure. Patients might experience some discomfort due to swelling rather than actual pain, with most managing well with over-the-counter pain relievers.

What is the recovery period for buccal fat removal?

Recovery from buccal fat removal surgery usually spans several days to two weeks. Patients can expect some swelling and bruising, which generally subsides within the first few days. Most people are able to resume normal activities shortly after the procedure, with complete recovery and return to more strenuous activities within a few weeks.

What are the potential risks of buccal fat reduction for patients?

The risks associated with buccal fat reduction include infection, asymmetry, excessive removal leading to a gaunt look, and potential damage to facial muscles or nerves. Selecting an experienced surgeon and having a thorough initial consultation are vital to minimize these risks.

Who should perform buccal fat removal?

A double board-certified facial plastic surgeon or a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in facial cosmetic procedures is best suited to perform buccal fat removal. These experts are trained to handle the delicate tissues of the face and ensure the surgical procedure aligns with the patient’s aesthetic goals.

Can buccal fat removal surgery be done with other cosmetic procedures?

Cosmetic rhinoplasty

Combining buccal fat removal with cosmetic rhinoplasty can enhance the overall facial structure and aesthetics, aligning the nose with the new cheek contours.

Face lift

A facelift alongside buccal fat removal can address sagging skin and refine facial contours, offering a more comprehensive age-defying treatment.

Lip enhancements

Lip lifts or enhancements work well with cheek reduction to balance the facial volume and improve overall aesthetics, particularly post-buccal fat removal.

What are the aftercare instructions for buccal fat surgery?

Post-operative care for buccal fat surgery includes using antiseptic mouth rinses to maintain hygiene, adhering to a soft diet, and avoiding any rigorous activity. Patients are advised to follow their surgeon’s detailed care instructions to ensure a smooth recovery process and optimal healing.

What should I expect during the buccal fat removal process?

During the buccal fat removal process, patients should expect a comprehensive initial consultation to discuss goals and potential risks. The procedure itself is performed under local anesthesia, with incisions made inside the mouth for fat extraction. The quick procedure allows patients to leave the clinic the same day, with follow-up appointments to monitor the healing process. Throughout, patients are guided by their surgeon’s team to ensure safety and satisfaction with the results.