A large component of our practice is comprised of revision rhinoplasty. These cases are often quite challenging and meticulous technique and attention to detail is of utmost importance. Dr. Saman specializes in revision rhinoplasty. Make an appointment for a consultation. Click icon below to follow us on Instagram.


Personal Philosophy

I have a special interest in revision rhinoplasty. I find it equally challenging and gratifying. Revision rhinoplasty is a big part of my practice and let me tell you, although each and every nose is different, in my experience there are six features that partially or fully exist:

1) Incomplete hump resection /Irregular bridge or overly resected bridge

2) Residual deviation and difficulty breathing

3) “Dropped” tip that still droops when you smile

4) Asymmetry nostrils 

5) Sharp and visible edges and contours

6) Overall lack of contour and form

Often, patients are rightfully sad and frustrated, having lost trust in the process and even their doctor to deliver the results they want. Sometime they just want their “old nose back.” 

During the consultation process, I try to obtain a great understanding what was done, and evaluate the nasal anatomy. I believe in full transparency with my patients and will disclose what areas I can and cannot improve and to what extent. I want us to be on the same page, revision rhinoplasty is a very serious process. My goal is to get you the kinds of results that make you happy so you never have to think about your nose again. Your nose should not occupy your  thoughts everytime it’s time for a picture, or looking in the mirror. 

Using specialized instruments and techniques, I carefully dissect the scar tissue caused by your previous surger(ies). I then attempt to reconstruct your bridge so that it is straighter and more contoured. I will then reconstruct your tip cartilage and suspend them in an elegant position that suits your face with more harmony. If there are is internal or nostril work that needs to be done, that’s what gets done. 

Often much of the cartilage from the septum that we normally use to reshape the nose has been used up in the previous surgeries. As such as will likely need to obtain cartilage from your ear, rib cartilage. In select cases we can opt for donated cadaveric cartilage that is available for purchase.

I understand the frustration that comes with having had failed surgery. And I aim to restore your confidence. And although it will never be “perfect” or 100% symmetric, I aim to improve it to a point that allows your heart to rest happy with the apperance and function of your nose.

Masoud Saman, MD, FACS

Fun Fact

Dr. Saman has vast experience in revision rhinoplasty and takes pride in results he delivers to restore his patients’ confidence and nasal beauty and function. 

Revision Rhinoplasty



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