The Consultation

A comprehensive consultation with Dr. Saman to discuss you aesthetic goals and vision is the first step. We can arrange for both in-person consultations and virtual consultations.

Both are equally effective in the vast majority of cases and provide enough information for treatment planning and for pricing.

Surgical Scheduling

Once your consultation has been completed, a treatment plan will be devised. This generally takes one to two days. Your fee estimates will then be uploaded for your review.  If you decided you move forward with the proposed treatment plan, the next step is to get you on the surgical schedule. Please note: Our schedule is on average booked ahead by about 6 months. Waiting list is available. 

Preoperative Review

Usually a few days prior to surgery (or even on th eday of surgery in many cases,) we review the surgical plan and it is an opportunity to have any questions answered by Dr. Saman. Also, all paperwork and required testing will be arranged or completed. This appointment is highly recommended but not mandatory. In certain circumstances, we can arrange these tasks remotely. 


The Big Day

The big day is finally here to get the facial plastic surgery procedure of your dreams in NYC. By the time this day arrives, all preliminary arrangements have been completed, and you have had time to relax and unwind in preparation for your surgery. 

The night before, make sure you review your surgery center location and arrive early. Make sure not to eat or drink anything 12 hours prior to time of surgery.


Depending on the procedure we ask that patients stay in the area for a minimum of 2- days after their procedure with a caretaker. If a caretaker is not available, our office can assist you in arranging one for the duration of your stay in New York City or surroundng areas.  Dr. Saman will also need to see you on day 5-7 after surgery so many patients stay in NYC for the duration of the week, and since downtime is minimal, make a vacation out of it. 

Follow Up

Although we always highly prefer to see our patients in person after surgery, most follow ups can be arranged virtually. Depending on location- when necessary- suture removal or other needed follow up may need to be arranged with local plastic surgeon.  Furthermore, unforeseen situations may call for your return to NYC to see Dr. Saman. Although rare, please consider all these possibilities when booking your surgery in New York City with Dr. Saman. 


The Days of Flying Abroad For Surgery Are Behind Us

We often hear “I was going to go to Turkey for my rhinoplasty and then I found Dr. Saman.” 

Over 65% of our patients come to NYC to have surgery with Dr Saman. As such, our team is well-versed in ensuring your visit to NYC and your entire surgical process is smooth and relaxing. 

Where to Stay

There is no shortage of luxury and top rated hotels in New York City.  This article boils it down to 15 top hotels for your consideration. From a logistical standpoint for your commute to our offices and surgery center, consider staying around Upper East Side, Midtown East, and Columbus Circle.

Although these neighborhoods are studded with excellent hotesl in quiet areas,  the hustle and bustle of the City may not be your thing! In these cases, consider the Upper West Side in Manhattan or even a quieter area in Brooklyn

Getting Around

For limousine service, we prefer NYC United Limo. You can learn ore by clicking here.

NYC Taxi’s are ubiquitous but you can also utilize any number of popular ride sharing apps such are Uber, Lyft, and Gett. Car rentals are also available at the airports when you arrive, however parking in the city can be challenging at times.  Here is a good break down of the different apps to use for transportation.

If you prefer to have a personal car for all-day, you may consider Zip Car

Note: We highly discourage the use of NYC Subway after your surgery as the sheer number of people could result in unwanted to injury to your surgical areas. 

Shopping in NYC

You are going to be in Manhattan for a few days, the Mecca of Retail Therapy! A stroll down Fifth Avenue, one of the world’s most popular shopping destinations, or spending a few hours at Herald Square’s Macy’s, the largest store in the world might be good for the soul 🙂 But don’t limit yourself to just those, there is excellent shopping all over New York

Broadway and Shows

Broadway Theaters are the theatrical performances presented in the 41 professional theaters, each with 500 or more seats, located in the Theater District and the Lincoln Center along Broadway, in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Broadway and London’s West End together represent the highest commercial level of live theater in the English-speaking world. The shows are amazing and you should try and catch one while you are here, if it’s your thing. 

You can take a look at the schedule here. Also, consider getting last minute tickets on NYTIX

Where to Eat

With 73 Michelin-Starred restaurants, New York City will not disappoint when it comes to good eating! But do not let that let you miss out on the amazing hole-in-the-wall eat in NYC.


There are quite a few all over Manhattan. Serafina Juice Bar, Pressed, Joe and the Juice are to name a few.  Don’t forget your pineapple juice, carrot juice and celery juice!