Lip work requires finesse and excellent aesthetic judgment. More is not better. Although many practitioners focus mostly on lip volume, our philosophy revolves around a more modern and contemporary approach resulting in enhanced overall lip contour, dental show, improved lip projection, and optimized lip ratios.

What is lip lift surgery?

A lip lift is a simple and powerful surgical procedure that helps lift the upper lip in order to increase the amount of the red lip shown. The lip lift procedure practiced by Dr. Saman offers our patients a long-lasting effect and a more aesthetically pleasing contour.

Lip lift procedures include small cuts made in the lip region to improve its shape, position, and size. They’re usually performed under local anesthesia because general anesthesia is often not needed for the minimal amount of discomfort involved.


Ideal candidates for lip lift surgery are people who have lost their natural fullness and volume.

Lip lifting can be performed on both men and women at any age. People in their 20s and above often opt for lip lifting because they want to improve the shape of their mouth. Candidates for the lip fill procedure should be people who meet these criteria:

  • People whose noses extend beyond their lips’ vermillion lines by 1.5 centimeters or more
  • People who find that the downturns of their mouth make them look displeased
  • Those seeking cosmetic surgery for gender reassignment purposes
  • People who want a better balance between the size and shape of their upper and lower lip
  • Consumers who want immediate results after cosmetic procedures
  • Patients who have long upper lips so that extra skin could be removed



Lip lift surgery can be done in-office with mild sedation and under local anesthesia, similar to a dental procedure. It is often combined with rhinoplasty or facelift surgery, in which case it will be performed in the operating room under general anesthesia.


There is no real “downtime” per se with lip lift surgery. After surgery you may feel a bit sore which resolves within a few days. Some upper lip swelling is expected. Your sutures will be removed around 5-7 days. The resultant incision is usually pencil-thin and fades nearly completely over time.

Aesthetic Effect

As we age (and in some genetically), the upper lip length increases. This causes the upper lip to roll inward, resulting in a very thin upper lip. Often the upper lip covers the upper teeth, resulting in an aged look. A lip lift can help improve the dental show, and overall aesthetics of the area around the nose and mouth.

Long-term Outcomes

As we age, the upper lip continues to elongate slightly, however the results of lip lift surgery are permanent. The incision heals very well and is almost invisible after about a year.

Other Considerations

It is important that you have this procedure performed by a surgeon who is an expert in facial anatomy and aesthetics. Improper placement of the incision, or excessive removal of the skin may result in unwanted results, webbing or poor scarring. Dr. Saman is an expert in lip lift surgery having performed hundreds of them over the years.


Fuller, more youthful lips

The appeal of fuller pouts lie in what they signify about sexual attractiveness. Full pouts are a visual signal of youth and sexuality, indicating good reproductive health, enhancing your overall appearance and giving you a younger, sexier look. Fuller mouths are an indicator of youthfulness but can also indicate aging, so it’s best to consider both fullness and size when choosing a cosmetic procedure. A lip lift increases the length and shape of your mouth, improving your overall facial profile.

Brighter facial expression

These changes to your lips and face will help to give you an even brighter, more positive expression, which helps restore balance and proportion to your lips. Subtle alterations to the lips’ size and contour result in an attractive facial profile, making them noticeable enough for others to see, but not so obvious as to look unnatural.

Permanent improvement to your facial contour

Cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers and lip fillers can improve our facial expression and provide us with a more youthful appearance. However, these results will be temporary and are not made to improve elements such as lip length, proeminence of the lip line and lip coloring.

Dr. Saman’s minimally invasive surgical lip lift offers our patients a permanent improvement for a radiant, youthful appearance


Dr. Saman is an expert in lip lift surgery, and has performed hundreds of them over the years along with the surgical team at Saman MD. Depending on our patient’s goals, we will recommend the best lip lift procedure during the initial consultation. The upper lip lift procedures practiced at Saman MD are the central lip lift and the corner lip lift.

Central lift lip, or subnasal lip lift

A central lip lift is a procedure using an incision hidden underneath the nose. A small piece of skin under the nose is removed to reduce the distance between nose and uper lip. The underlying skin is lifted and anchored onto tissue atop the bones that lie underneath the lips, which causes the colored part of the lips to roll outwards and create a pouty look.

Lateral lip lift, or “Corner lip lift”

A lateral lip lift which allows for lifting of the corners of the upper lip, increasing the amount of red lip showing. The incisions are cleverly concealed in the vermilion border and the lip skin.

Saman MD - Lip lift surgery NYC


Lip Fillers

A variety of hyaluronic dermal fillers are used to augment the 3D structure and volume of the lips to enhance their appearance. Treatments take about 30 minutes and last about 12 months. Our advanced anesthesia techniques ensure your maximum comfort.

Lip Flip

Botulinum Toxin (Botox or Jeaveau) is used to enhance the upper lip by allowing it to roll slightly upward creating a more voluminous and defined upper lip. It is an excellent alternative to fillers for patients who want a more subtle enhancement than fillers provide.

Russian Lip Technique

New name for a technique we have been using for many years, this is a lip injection technique using microdroplet dermal filler injections in a tenting or pillar form that allows for increased lift, and structure of the lip creating the sought-after “editorial model look” without creating an overly enlarged lip.

Lip Reduction

Cosmetic surgical procedure to enhance the volume balance of the upper and lower lips by removing lip volume. Often performed in office, under local anesthesia in less than one hour.

Lip Implants

A great permanent option for patients who wish to have more voluminous lips but do not wish to undergo frequent treatments or injections. Silicone implants may be inserted in office under local anesthesia in appropriate patients

Other minimally invasive lip cosmetic treatments

Other treatments include fat transfer to the lips, treatment of gummy smile, and treatment of “smokers lines” around the lips.


Lip lifts are performed every day, but as all surgical procedures there are some inherent risks. Infection, unpleasant outcomes, the division of a wound and scar formation are all possibilities. Possible side effects of a lip lift include bruising and swelling, and will all be covered by Dr. Saman during the initial consultation.

People who should take care when considering having lip fillers done are people who may need to avoid

  • People who have any kind of infection that affects their mouths, like herpes, should be aware of these symptoms.
  • Patients who aren’t willing to deal with the potential for a visible scar, although they might be small and concealed
  • People who smoke are often reluctant to give up smoking for a few weeks before and after.
  • People who suffer from diabetes, lupus, or any disease that affects their blood’s ability to clot may be at risk for bleeding.

Lip lift

What is the difference between a lip lift and lip fillers?

Millions of people have had soft-tissue dermal fillings injected into their lips. However, few patients have been aware that they could receive permanent enhancements through surgical procedures. Patients who want long-term effects from their cosmetic treatments are turning to surgical options for permanent improvements.

For some people, lip lift surgery may be a good option if they want their upper lip lifted and lengthened. However, lip fillers may be a better choice for others.

Before having any cosmetic procedures done, you should follow these guidelines:

  • You must refrain from eating and drinking for at least 6 hours before surgery.
  • Don’t smoke for four months before your lip lift, then another four months after your surgery, because smoking can decrease circulation in your lips.
  • It’s best not to drink alcohol for at least 48 hours before the operation, because it may affect anesthetic effects.
  • Don’t take any medication that acts as a blood thinner (such as aspirin) for at least two weeks prior to elective surgery.

After your lips have been surgically reshaped, it is important to take good care of them so they can fully recover. Here are some tips for healing your new lips:

  • After surgery, rest for at least one day and avoid strenuous activity until 24 h post-surgery.
  • Don’t exercise for at least seven to fourteen days after your lips heal.
  • Eat soft foods that don’t need a whole bunch of chewing, and skip eating anything hot or salty for at least 48 hours after surgery.
  • Don’t sleep on your face; rather, lie down with your face up and your body resting on your back.
  • You should avoid strenuous activities, don’t carry heavy objects, and don’t lean over or strain yourself for up to three days after surgery.
  • Keep your lips together so that you don’t rip out any stitches.
  • Brush your teeth carefully with a small toothbrushes designed for children
  • After every meal, rinse your mouth out thoroughly with water. Then, use diluted hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the cuts and scrapes.
  • Take arnica and vitamin c two weeks before and after your procedure to help prevent bruises and promote healing.
  • After having laser resurfacing done, moisturize your skin with Lip Balm for at least 3 weeks.

What are the perfect proportions for upper and lower lips?

Ideally, the distance between the subnasal and the upper lip’s wet/dry borders should be equal to one half the distance between the lower lip’s wet/dry boundaries and the chin. If the cutaneous part of the upper lip extends beyond its normal length, then the lips appear disproportionate.

The ideal vertical heights of the upper and lower lids should be equal. A patient may experience an improvement in facial symmetry following a lift of the lower lid alone. The amount of correction needed depends upon the initial degree of asymmetry between the two sides. For example, if the upper lid is 2 mm higher than the lower lid, then only half of the difference needs to be corrected.

Why does my lip volume and color change over time?

During the normal aging process, lips begin to lose volume and contours. Red vermilion becomes thinner and the area covered by the lips grows longer. Lips may become fuller due to weight gain or loss. Lines appear on the edges of the lips caused by muscle contraction and relaxation. These lines can make lips appear older than they really are.